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The DevOps Talent Hunt

The Hunt is ON! The interesting thing about emerging trends these days is that it takes just a few weeks for things to snowball and occupy the airwaves. The DevOps Talent Hunt shows clear signs of snowballing.

FinTech innovation has sparked off responses from the financial services industry. FinTech itself is born mostly outside the financial services space. It brought technology to bear on disintermediation in finance.

We are now looking at a phase where finance has to be taken to technology. The DevOps crossover is relevant in the context.

Those working in IT and Business Analysis would do well to gear up and ride this wave. It is a chance to reinvent and re-energize careers. Here is an article from the Forbes Human Resources Council that covers this in more detail.

Two significant points that are made: 1. That outsourcing and offshoring have not fully delivered on the need now called DevOps. 2. That the answer may be in bringing skills in from wherever in the world they exist.

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