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If you are a registered user and have an idea that can be expressed as a video, write in! We will make your video and host it on the MTP Portal. And guess what - we will let you and others know, too, that you had a great articulation that got made and hosted! Of course, we reserve the right to prioritise what we choose to make. We may also point you to an existing video that ALREADY covers what you have asked for. And it might also be that your video idea is the BEST and was just waiting to happen! You need not be a subscriber to ask for this free offer. You just need to be a registered user!


  • Register at . That step is free!

    Click the MakeMyVideo tab and write in. That is free, too!

    MakeMyVideo is a way for us to talk, discuss, grow. Together.

    Since you would have registered to request a video you can also access all the free microlearning stuff at .

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