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The Program Dashboard :

Banking & Banking Ops - B2


Using the Dashboard 

Each ROW relates to a particular session, topic or module. Your program will progress row by row. You will receive specific instructions from your facilitator as your program progresses. Each LINK opens the object that the COLUMN header or the box itself indicates. It may open new pages, or new links. You will have to keep coming back to this page. This is the dashboard that will guide you through your program progress.

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1 General Banking
3 B&C Relationship
4 Retail Bkg Intro
5 Non-resident Accounts
6 TPPs
7 Retail Lending Intro
8 Retail Loan Products
10 Indian Payment Systems
11 Bank Branches & their Functioning
12 Bkg. Txns. - Retail
13 Corporate Banking Intro
14 International Trade & Trade Finance I
15 Cash Management Services
16 Foreign Exchange Overview
17 MSME & Agricultural Banking
18 Other functions in a Bank
19 Tech. in Bkg.
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