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Equity CA - Scrip Dividends

We now look at specific Corporate Actions - those which are note-worthy. We start with Scrip Dividends in Equity.

Equity CA - Stock Split and Rights Issues

Let us now consider how Stock Splits and Rights Issues work in equities

Fixed Income Corporate Actions - Payment of Interest

Let us now understand Corporate Actions in Fixed Income

The Maturity, Redemption of Bonds

An important Corporate Action in Fixed Income is the Maturity & Redemption of Bonds, which is the promised repayment

Convertible Bonds & Warrants

Convertible Bonds & Warrants are complex Corporate Actions. But quite easy to understand, here!

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions are one of those exciting and glamorous topics. Here is the operational aspect in Corporate Actions

Tender Offers

Tender Offers (Open Offers) are exciting, too!


Buybacks happen when company's have excessive cash. Here is how it works operationally, for shareholders.

Manufactured Dividend

Manufactured Dividends are associated with Stock-Lending. Those in Asset Servicing need to know how it works


The taxation of manufactured dividends varies by jurisdiction and is a complex topic. Here is an overview of the issues


Reconciliations indicate that flows are handled correctly.