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Intro to CA & AS

Understanding the structure of Corporate Governance is an important first step in understanding Corporate Actions.

Benefits of Investing

Investors invest for returns: we take a quick look at what it is that an issuer promises in issuing Equity or Debt.

Role of Custodians in Asset Servicing

Custodians, Global Custodians and Sub-Custodians are all actively involved in servicing Assets held by investors with them. Let us understand their structure and the roles they play.

The Logic of Corporate Action Situations

Corporate Actions are to be approved by the shareholders of an enterprise. Understanding this background helps appreciate how Corporate Actions come to be; and are to be acted upon.

Classification of Corporate Actions

The industry classifies corporate Actions into 3 categories. A good understanding of how companies approve actions and the basic nature of each corporate action makes it easy to understand the classifications.

Key Dates

These are series of Key Dates associated with Corporate Actions, including some importatn ones where clients have to make decisions. Let us get an understanding of each of these dates.

Failed Trades

When a trade fails, the entitlement of the buyer to the Corporate Action is affected. Learn the nuance very simply!

Sources of Data

There are plenty of sources of information in relation to a Corporate Action. Which source is authentic, actionable? Learn how to find and rely on the correct sources!

Withholding Tax, Refunds and Exemption

Asset Servicing also requires the service provider to handle taxes withheld at source & associated refund processes. Take a look.