Equity Advanced

1. Decision to Invest

Investors like to find a market price to invest in a share whereby some ratios are healthy / high. let us understand those Ratios

2. Primary & Secondary Markets

Financial instruments are issued in a market: the market for money – financial markets. You will have a clarity of how the Primary and Secondary markets behave

3. Fundamental Analysis & Drivers of Market Price

We will consider one of the several ways of predicting the value of a company - Fundamental analysis

4. Understanding Sales Margins

Sales itself is based on the total potential of an industry and the target company’s share in that market. Let us understand Sales Margins in this Video.

5. Understanding PE Multiples

The PE Ratio is an excellent device in the valuation process. We will discuss in greater detail how to deploy and use this in this section.

6. Understanding RoI

Return on investment can be generalized as periodic inflow by invested amount. Take a deep dive into RoI.

7. Linking RoI to EPS

EPS is itself profits divided by the number of outstanding shares. Get to know how Return on Investment is linked to EPS

8. Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis operates on the basis that stock prices move in patterns that repeat themselves. Get to know about basics of Technical analysis.

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