Equity : Public Offerings

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1. The Beginning of enterprise

Founders start an Enterprise. How does the enterprise grow further? To know further, watch this.

2. Layering to grow an Enterprise

Growing an Enterprise can be viewed as an alternate layering of equity and debt. Check what happens further.


When an enterprise goes public for the first time, it is called IPO. When an enterprise has already raised capital through IPO and needs additional capital, it issues FPO. Know more about IPO-FPO-OFS.

4. Listing to unlock wealth

There are good examples of private companies going public with “unlocking wealth” for the promoter group

5. IPO and Listing

The Market for Trading shares is the Stock Exchange.
This is the secondary market. Know about Listing on the Exchange and the Criteria required for Listing

6. Valuation and Price Discovery

The Basic Approach to the valuation of a share and pricing the issue is Principles based . Get to know few methods of Valuation of Equity

7. Pricing and Dilution

Get to know how Issue Price, Dilution and Target Amounts are linked

8. Over & Under Subscription

Implications of Over and Under Subscription of Equity IPO is dealt with here.

9. USA Process

The term Investment Banker and underwriter are often Used interchangeably; Though each of these implies specific roles as we will see.

10. Escrow Bank Accounts

Let us understand the Need for Escrow and then how it works