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FIS: Valuation & Term Structure

Our webinars are exceptional!

Short videos are a great way to learn 

1. Present Value & Discounted Cash Flows

Present Value & Discounted Cash Flows are truly simple concepts! You do not believe that? Just Check this out.

2. Maths essentials of Bonds

The Math essentials for Fixed Income. Easy to understand with us: and opens the doors to understanding everything else that is called advanced in Fixed Income!

3. Applying DCF to Bond Valuation

You are now ready to apply DCF to Bond Valuation; Yield to Maturity now proves remarkably easy to understand, too!

4. Term Structure of Interest Rates

The term structure of Interest rates sounds very technical; Here is a quick understanding of that concept with no difficulty at all!

5. Maturity, Convexity & Duration

Maturity, Convexity & Duration tell us something more about Bonds in a portfolio. It brings time to maturity into focus

6. Term Structure and Strategies

Bond Traders use the Term Structure to develop and apply trading strategies. Let us see how that happens

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