Introduction to Derivatives

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Basics of Derivative

Derivatives can be best understood by an example. Here is how easy it is to know what Derivatives are.

Creation of Derivatives

While Derivatives may seem to be complex, it is easy to learn if the basics are right. Get to know the basics of derivatives.

Building Blocks

It is important to understand some building blocks of Derivatives before getting into specifics.

Derivatives - Basic Operation

While different derivatives operate differently, thefundamental operation of Derivatives is the same.

Types & Primary Purpose of Derivative

This video throws light on the basic types of derivatives and the purpose of Derivatives


Understand how a Forward works and its formal definition

Intro to Fx Derivatives

This video deals with the Forward contract as seen in Forex

Need & Impact of Forward

Get to know the needs of a Forward contract and their impact

Interest Rate Derivatives

Learn the basics of Interest rate derivatives

Forward Rate Agreement

This video deals with the basics of Forward Rate Agreements and how FRA works

Creation of Futures Contracts

Understand how Futures are created

The Futures Contract

Look at how the Futures contract looks like and what are its features


A SWAP means an exchange! Get an introductory understanding of SWAPs

Plain vanilla interest rate swap

Understand the manner in which a plain Vanilla Interest Rate Swap works

Cross Currency Swap

Understanding Cross Currency SWAPs can be complex. Get to know the working of Cross Currency Swaps and its uses

Credit Default Swap

Get to understand the basics of Credit default Swaps and how they work