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1. Intro to Fixed Income

The Fixed Income Universe.

2. Payment of Interest

Investors invest for returns: In Fixed Income it is interest; also known as coupons. In a minute learn how it works.

3. Bond Types

There are different types of Bonds and here is a quick run-down on them; starting with munis that form a large market in the USA.

4. Rating Agencies

Ratings are an importatant factor in the issuance, attractiveness and pricing of bonds. Here is how that works

5. Seniority of Debt

Senior, subordinate, secured, unsecured? See the most interesting video on the seniority of bonds in case ofliquidation

6. Issue and Maturity of Bonds

Issuances and redemption might happen at a variety of prices variety of prices:

7. Coupons & Yields

Coupons are an important concept to understand properly, including calculating and using the dollar value of a coupon. It makes it easy to grasp the concept of yield.

8. Convertible bonds

Some bonds include a conversion clause. These are called convertible bonds. Learn the features easily in this video

9. Calls & Puts

Bonds can have embedded options that allow a borrower or lender to get out of a situation they do not like. You will find it really easy to understand: contrary to what most might say.

10. Trading Bonds

The trading of bonds is a very interesting aspect Learn to read quotes, understand clean & dirty prices, easily understood in this video

11. Risks in Bonds

Fixed Income securities have their own associated risks


Introduction to Fixed Income