Introduction to Markets

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1. Intro to Markets

Markets are an interplay of buyers and sellers trading different products. The interplay is also impacted by characteristics of the market itself.

2. Why Markets Exist

As always, an understanding of the true purpose of markers and products helps focus on the outcomes that need to be delivered.

3. Structure of Markets

Overlaying the structure of markets with the entities that are seen is a great way to relate to entities and their functions!

4. Categorizing by Operational Types

Markets, in operational terms, are of different types. The structure shared here is very valuable and yet, easy to grasp. It will be o f great use in understanding transaction flows and processing

5. Trading ecosystem - Exchange Trades

The Financial system has many moving parts at an industry level. What we call markers interact with all the parts. Here is how

6. Trading ecosystem - OTC Trades

The marker we know as OTC has some differences which are highlighted here.