Market Structure & Data

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1. Sell-side firm - A look within

Brokerages and Investment Banks are on the sell-side. What does that mean? What are sell-side firms?

2. The Buy-side Firm

The buy-side is the customer of the sell-side. What are buy-side firms? What are the different types of buy-side firms?

3. Market Makers & Users

In Markets terms such as Market Maker & Market User are seen. It helps to understand these terms as these nuances help in understanding users and their requirements.

4. Orders & Trades

Transactions and their processing begin with orders and trades. Understand order an dtrades and what it takes to initiate an order and conclude a trade.

5. Data in Markets

Again, a great way to understand data such as LEI, ISIN etc is to overlay them on the market structure and entity map

6. Types of Data

There are four types of data that are at the heart of market operations and technology implementations. Most requirements combine these four types in different ways.

7. Trade Reporting

When a trade is done it needs to be reported. But htat does not apply uniformly to all market-types. Take a look.