Understanding Big Data

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Introduction to Big Data Concepts

Data is defined as facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis. Let us understsnd what Big Data is all about

Sources of Data at banks

The Emergence of the Cloud and Devices creates new Sources of Data. Let us see how

What adds value to data

Increased value of data comes from Granularity and History . Get to know the various sources of Data

States of Data

Understand the States of data - Fully diffused, Now diffusing and Nascent Data

Patterns in normal data

Data Patterns can be complex. Need to understand the patterns to understand the complexity of Data.

Patterns in data averages

Know more about patterns in Data Averages

Patterns in data logic

Lots of random events will show mathematical correlation. There may be no logical link. Events may be logically linked; the absence of data will limit our ability to predict. Understand the Patterns in Data Logic

Data Analytics for Complex Patterns

The analytical decision model has three steps which features in all the analytics-based decision making. To know more, watch this video

Predictive Analytics - Introduction and Classification

Predictive analytics focuses on likely scenarios that will happen. Watch to know more.

Predictive Analytics : Clustering and Frequency

There are large number of data points.Each CLUSTER would have common characteristics. Understand Clusteringand Frequency.

Prescriptive Analytics

All prescriptive methodologies tend to follow the three components of the Analytical Decision Model. The ‘Predictive Analytics Plus Rules’ methodology is simpler.Get to know more on this. Watch this video.

Machine Learning

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence find place in Predictive and Prescriptive Data Analytics. This video deals with how Machine learning works.

Supervised Machine Learning

In supervised Learning, Human labels inputs and Human defines the output. Learn more on this!

Unsupervised Machine Learning

Unlabeled Inputs. No defined Outputs. Algorithm discovers clusters linkages - Get to know more on Unsupervised learning

Business Analytics

Get to understand how Big data is used in Business Analytics

Data Toolkit

There are Data Sources & Application program interface products that allows users to put together solutions. Data Toolkit introduction in this video.