Internet of Things

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Introduction to IoT

IT would be very interesting to know what Internet of Things is and its applications

Utility of IoT to the Banker

IoT has various applications. Let us look at its utility to the banker

Top 10 IoT Companies - 2016/17

Let us look at the 10 IoT Companies

Uses of IoT informations to a Banker

Let us find what the banker does with the IoT information

Learning from Digital Economy

Customers are used to “Plan-Scan-Go!” Customers make selections for needs on bank’s portals. Learnings from Digital Economy

Simplifying customer's life through IoT

Let us look at the convenience we can offer to the customers through IoT

Some Insights in IT

Clearly, the IoT creates new product and service opportunities for banks and to leverage those they must fit their data analytics capabilities for the new world. Ook at some insights

Changes in Consumer Behavior in IoT era

Changes in consumer behaviour as seen in the payments world, relevant to consumer banking